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Collection: Conveyor

In a warehouse, you can either bring the warehouse worker to the goods, or you can bring the goods to the warehouse worker.  Using conveyor, you are able to pick products directly to a tote or a carton and then push the order down the conveyor to the next pick location, minimizing walking and therefore increasing productivity.


Conveyor is also used to unload containers for palletization.  Lumpers used for freight unloading help with unloading shipping containers.  One worker picks cartons out of the shipping container and places them on the conveyor, another warehouse worker sorts the cartons onto pallets by SKU.  Accordion conveyors are very helpful for this work, making the process of unloading freight, sorting the cartons by SKU, and palletizing them onto pallets more efficient.

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  • Conveyor Step Over - Cross Over Bridge Step
    conveyor walk-over - Step over conveyor using this set of steps
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