Rack Repair Kit - Includes Installation
Rack Repair Kit - Frontline
Repair Racking - Rack Repair Kit - Frontline

Bolted Frontline 3" x 3" Rack Repair Kit - Installed

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Use this rack repair kit to repair the front post to an upright frame.

  • Returns front frame post to it’s near original condition.
  • Accommodates nearly all beam heights.
  • Reuses existing factory bracing or accommodates new bracing when needed.
  • Repair posts is reinforced with a backing channel for added strength,
    which increases damage resistances by over 250%.
  • Manufactured with minimum, of 12 gauge steel.
  • Best used in narrow isle racking.
  • Best used when multiple lower beam levels exist.
  • Uses 1, 1/2 anchors.
  • Available in welded and bolted styles.

The Frontline rack repair kit provides for a basic rack repair with future rack damage resistance.

* Mac-Rak Self-Repair Rack Support Bracket required for self-installs, CLICK HERE to order.