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Pallet Topper

Pallet Topper - Pyramid-Shaped Warning Sign for Pallets

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Transporting palletized loads from one destination to another by truck can be a hazardous business. With this in mind Pallet Topper, a pyramid-shaped warning sign, is designed to sit on top of a pallet, highlighting the fact that other pallets must not be stacked on top.

The ingenious design of the Pallet Topper enables it to be firmly secured to the pallet strapping either during or after it has been strapped. Where a pallet is covered in clear stretch wrap, the Pallet Topper can be wrapped inside but remains highly visible.

Pallet Topper Features:

  • Helps to reduce damage by preventing double stacking pallets
  • Can be used with either strapping or shrink wrap

Product Size: H.6.3 inches x W.6.7 inches x D.6.7 inches / H.160mm x W.170 x D.170mm

Count: 100 per pack

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