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Stack of pallet racking beams ready for shipping
Pallet rack beams stacked neatly in a pile
Beams for racking inside a warehouse
Newly installed pallet racking showing upright frames and beams
Large inventory of pallet rack beams
Pallet Rack Beams 96" | 108" | 144" | NEW and USED
Pallet Rack Beams 96" | 108" | 144" | NEW and USED

Pallet Rack Beams 96" | 108" | 144" | NEW and USED

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Tear drop style pallet rack beams - orange

Tear drop style beams of various lengths: 96", 108", and 144" new and used -  3", 4" or 5" tall.  A pair of these beams connect to tear drop upright frames to create a surface for storing a 48" long pallet - 2 or 3 pallets wide.  3" tall beams are suited for adding wire mesh decks and creating a picking surface for warehouse order fulfillment or eCommerce activities.  Lighter weight pallets can be stored on 144" beams, 3 abreast.  Additionally 144" beams are ideal for tunnel bays.  4" tall beams are suited for pallet storage.  Two beams per level are needed when storing pallets.  

Warehouse Design

If you are in a seismic zone or you need more than just few additional beams and frames, contact us to design your warehouse.

We will run prelims through our seismic engineer to determine seismic capacity and not just static capacity.  Then we will source the correct components that are permitable.  We will produce drawings and layouts of your facility showing you what the plan view and elevation view will look like prior to placing racking components on order.  Finally, once you are satisfied with the design, we will order the materials at the steel mill, schedule installation and even run permits for you.


Contact us

Contact us for a quotation on a full warehouse design.

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